What should I know at 3-4 years?


  • Play and dance for music;
  • I respect the rules of the game by imitating the actions of other children;
  • Build interrogative sentences;
  • I tell about things that have happened in the past;
  • Arrange objects by category;
  • Name 3 shapes (square, triangle, circle);

What should I know at 2-3 years?


  • I jump at a height of approximately 20 cm,
  • I am tip toeing;
  • I climb and slide on the slide;
  • Hold the ball with both hands;
  • I wipe my nose when I am reminded of it;
  • Open large buttons;
  • I climb the stairs, alternating the legs;

*Nici un copil nu este asemanator cu altul. Fiecare copil invata in ritmul sau propriu, de aceea, aceste repere sunt orientative, bazate pe evaluari generale pentru fiecare nivele de varsta. Va incurajam sa oferiti suport permanent copilului pentru dezvoltarea abilitatilor si a independentei de care are nevoie pentru a capata deplina incredere in propriile puteri.