Frequently asked questions

What is EduBox?

The EduBox concept is a true guided home-schooling, step-by-step, which can be used by any family Member or people responsible for care of our children (parents, grandparents, nanny, …).

The great advantage of this program of educational activities is that you do not need any further pre-training and constantly fuel the need for knowledge and discovery of our small curious researchers.

By using it weekly, Eduox is thus becoming a powerful tool for the controlled and measurable development of all the abilities of our piers. In addition, bilateral communication instruments and mechanisms can measure, control and harmonize everyone’s progress in full accordance with their respective passions, level and pace of development.

Moreover, our weekly program keeps the interest and education in a correct, specific and controllable area at all times, thus successfully building a much healthier and concrete alternative to TV, tablets or other external factors that are not necessarily beneficial and attractive.

EduBox is a weekly subscription, focused on the real needs and challenges of each family, relative to the times we are all going through. It enjoys innovation, diversity and permanent adaptation to easily overcome the monotony of everyday activities.

How do I place an order?

Very simple!
Order in a few simple steps the most innovative system of play and learning, tailored to the reality and challenges we face:

  1. Choose your child’s age.
  2. Enter billing and/or delivery dates.
  3. Choose your payment method.
  4. Place the order.
  5. Prepare for a new fun ride with your favorite dwarf.

How much does EduBox cost?

A week of our educational package costs between 69 and 99 ron, depending on your child’s age and the complexity of the contracted package.

Fortunately, you can now enjoy a substantial discount, you can enjoy a promotional price of just 68.75/77.5 ron per week in your monthly subscription!

Which age is the EduBox product intended for?

Our products are built in harmony with the school curricula in force. EduBox is aimed at children between 2 and 6 years of age.

  • For the age group 2-3 years HERE
  • For the age group 3-4 years HERE
  • For the age group 4-5 years HERE
  • For the age group 5-6 years HERE

What is in each box?

Each EduBox contains 7 activities structured around the core theme. Each activity shall be accompanied by a letter containing guidelines, steps of work and age-specific objectives, worksheets and all necessary teaching materials. In addition, a presentation letter, schedule, a feed-back form, a message and a surprise from us!

Can I just order an EduBox box without having to subscribe?

Of course, you can easily order a single educational box by entering our site and opting for the week-specific educational product. The price for the weekly package is 68.75 or 77.5 ron depending on your child’s age and the complexity of the contract package.

What are the payment methods?

The methods of payment accepted shall be as follows:

  • Payment by card
  • Cash reimbursement, upon delivery
  • On-line transfer (variant where delivery is made after payment confirmation time)
  • Cash at EduBox headquarters

What are the delivery options?

The simplest way to get in possession of educational boxes EduBox is by courier. In this case, you will pay the cost of the delivery directly upon receipt of the shipment. If you do not want the delivery to be made through a courier-specific company, you can pick up the educational boxes directly from the EduBox offices, mentioning your option on the order form.

The addresses of our centers are:

  • EduBox Aviatiei- Intrarea Gliei no. 7, sector 1, Bucharest
  • EduBox Baneasa- Str. Drumul Potcoavei No 59, Voluntari, Ilfov
  • EduBox Cosmopolis- Strada Lacului nr.5, complex residential Cosmopolis, Stefanestii de Jos, Ilfov

How do I cancel an order?

Very simple! If after placing your order you consider that the purchase of the education package is not suitable for your child, you can cancel the order directly from the account created on our site without any obligations.

How do I cancel an EduBox subscription?

If after 1 month you consider the EduBox educational package inappropriate to your child, you can cancel it at any time without any additional obligations.

From the next month, you will no longer receive your educational packages and then, if you think you need it, you can always choose to continue your subscription so you can take advantage of the facilities and benefits available.

How will feed-back and mentoring sessions take place?

The feed-back and guidance sessions will be available only on a subscription basis and will take place online at the end of the subscription month at a mutually agreed date and time after receiving the worksheets and the feed-back form on the email address.

Are the workshops included in the price?

All workshops organized by EduBox are free. Participation in them shall not entail any financial or contractual obligation on your part. To stay up to date with our educational programs, we invite you to follow us on all our online communication channels:

How do I contact the EduBox team?

Very simple. You can contact us directly at +40 754 263 333, send us an email to our email address or send us a message on any of the following pages: