Recent events around the world have led us all to change our mind-set for our whole life.


We have reassessed our entire work, both on a professional and personal level. We have been put in a position to spend 24 hours imprisoned in the house with the whole family and discovered that games, conversations, films, dancing and music cannot only fill children’s time fully but also meet their educational needs.

Children need to carry out activities that stimulate them in all aspects: intellectual, cognitive, emotional, creative, attitudinal and motric. And how can you do all this when you need to be top professional, household and full time parent?

Happy family concept. Co-creation. Children hands draw on a sheet of paper: father, mother, boy and girl hold hands against background of rainbow and sunny sky. Close-up
  • How and when to learn how to choose and take the most appropriate activities, appropriate to your little baby’s age? What are the most suitable materials?
  • What should the child learn?
  • What should you develop them?
  • And if you leave him with his nanny or grandmother, how will they be able to satisfy all the needs of your child?


Don’t stress! We have the magic recipe for

all these problems: EduBox!


For times when kindergartens are closed, for the national free days or holidays, for times when your little ones are not able to spend time on kindergarten for one reason or other (state of health, logistical problems) or simply for times when you want to work more with your child and comfort what he already knows, we offer you complete educational packages, structured on age groups and themes of interest to help you satisfy the curiosity and thirst of knowledge of your child.

We served EduBox all our teaching experience and surrounded ourselves by specialists in child psychology, logopedia and wellbeing to produce correct, useful and attractive materials for every age level.
EduBox gives us the opportunity to spend good time with our child in a productive and attractive way.

Warm-toned portrait of mature mother helping cute daughter with art and craft project in home interior, copy space

EduBox treats topics of interest suitable for children with ages between 2 and 6 years.

2-3 years


3-4 years


4-5 years


5-6 years